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1999-2004 FORD F-250/350/EXCURSION 4X4 12-14″ FRONT AIR SUSPENSION

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Those of you lucky enough to own a 1999-2004 Super Duty or Excursion have a very desirable truck with an undesired leaf spring ride. The Kelderman 12-14″ Lift Kit has everything you need to say goodbye to a rough set of leaf springs and hello to the comfortable ride and adjustability of air suspension. Whether your truck is stock or already lifted, the Kelderman 12-14″ lift kit is the highest quality option on the market to upgrade your suspension. Our lift kit design eliminates the leaf spring suspension from your truck. We place an industrial-strength airbag directly between the axle and the frame of the truck. Adjustable trailing arms and an adjustable panhard bar keep the axle centered and the airbags provide an increased towing/payload capacity with unbeatable ride quality. This kit also includes a larger sway bar to help eliminate sway experienced with lifted trucks or when towing heavy loads. This 12-14″ 4-Link Air Suspension Lift Kit also provides unmatched versatility. With optional air control packages, the kits can move above or below the designed 12-14″ ‘ride height’. The suspension can be completely deflated to a 6″ lift or up to an 18″ lift when completely inflated. Shock and air management packages are sold separately to allow you to configure your air suspension exactly the way you want it.