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The older Super Duty & Excursion trucks are still tremendously popular among the custom truck crowd. If you have a truck that needs a change then what better way to make it new again then with a brand new air suspension system. If you’re looking for a lift kit that still provides you with a great ride quality, air suspension is your answer. The 7-8″ 4-Link Air Suspension Lift Kit gets you up in the air while RIDING on air. This kit provides the full suspension framework necessary to remove the front leaf springs on your 1999-2004(05) Super Duty or Excursion SUV. Trailing arm mounts, adjustable trailing arms, upper and lower air bag mounts, air bags, shock mounts, and panhard bar drop. Shock and air control systems sold separately. When equipped with our 7-8″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension Kit and electronic air control package, this 5-6″ lift kit can deflate to approximately a 3″ lift kit or up to 12″ lift kit. Your designed ‘ride height’ of 7-8″ is where the vehicle must be driven down the road to maintain proper steering alignment and travel from the air bags/shocks. Get maximum adjustability with a front and rear air suspension lift kit and the Air Lift 3H Electronic Air Control System. This will allow you to raise/lower the truck at all four corners. Our air control packages will also allow the suspension to inflate/deflate as needed to maintain the proper 7-8″ ‘ride height’ for driving down the road!