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Are you finally ready to add some serious attitude to your Super Duty or Excursion? For years, truck owners have wanted to lift their trucks, but were worried about what a lifted stance would do to the rest of the vehicle. Conventional lift kits decrease ride quality, limit towing options, and are difficult to drive. With a Kelderman 9-10″ lift kit you won’t have to worry about any of that. Our 9-10″ lift kit utilizes a 4-link design to completely remove the leaf spring suspension from your truck. Swapping the leaf springs out for a full air suspension setup proves an improved ride quality, superior handling and great versatility. This kit includes trailing arm mounts (side plates), adjustable trailing arms, upper and lower air bag mounting plates, industrial strength air bags, adjustable panhard bar, panhard bar drop bracket, and a ‘manual fill’ air control package. The ‘manual fill’ air control package will allow you to inflate the suspension to the 9-10″ ‘ride height’ to drive the vehicle down the road. Upgrade your kit with our 9-10″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension Lift Kit and Air Lift 3H Electronic Air Control System to have onboard air compressors, air tanks, air dryers, and a controller to raise or lower the suspension from a 5″ lift up to a 14″ kit when fully inflated.