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2003-2009 RAM 2500/3500 4X4 5-6″ FRONT AIR SUSPENSION

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Kelderman offers a variety of lift kits for many heavy duty trucks, but we really are well known for our air suspension lift kits on Ram 2500/3500 trucks. Dating back to our ‘Big Red’ Mega Cab Dually, one our most famous creations in 2003, Kelderman has been building high quality, air suspension lift kits for these trucks. Designed for 35-37″ tires, this particular 5-6″ Air Suspension Lift Kit utilizes a 4-Link Design to upgrade the front coil springs to a full air suspension system. The weak, factory control arms are removed in favor of a durable, fully adjustable trailing arm system. This will allow you to dial in your axles for proper positioning and allow for increased tire clearance. This kit includes a front crossmember, adjustable trailing arms, upper and lower air bag mounting plates, shock mounts, industrial strength air bags, track bar drop, drop pitman arm, and dual steering stabilizer setup. Shock and air management packages are sold separately to allow you to configure the suspension exactly how you like! The standard kit will come with air line and a Schrader valve setup to air the truck up to the designed 5-6″ ‘ride height’ so you can drive down the road. This kit can deflate to approximately a 1″ lift or inflate to a 9″ lift when fully inflated. Pair it with our 5-6″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension Lift Kit to remove the rear leaf springs on the truck and make your truck fully air ride! Looking for an even bigger lift kit? We also offer our 8-10″ 4-Link Air Suspension Lift Kit that is adjustable from 4″ all the way up to 14″ of lift! Fox shock packages sold separately. Don’t worry about lifting your truck and losing the ability to stand driving it. Get the best in ride comfort, towing, and driveability with a Kelderman Air Suspension Lift Kit.