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2003-2009 RAM 2500/3500 4X4 5-6″ REAR AIR SUSPENSION

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Leaf spring suspension has been around for over 100 years. Kelderman has developed a better option for lifting your truck than a dramatically arched leaf spring or a leaf spring and lift block combination. With a Kelderman Air Suspension Lift Kit, you can completely remove the existing leaf spring suspension to lift your truck using a full air suspension system. This kit includes trailing arm mounts (side plates), adjustable trailing arms, upper and lower air bag mounting plates, axle clamps, upgraded rear sway bar, sway bar end links, rear crossmember, adjustable panhard bar, and a ‘manual fill’ air control package. The ‘manual fill’ setup will include air line and Schrader valves to air your bags up to the 5-6″ ‘ride height’ to drive it comfortably down the road. If you wish to only have the comfort and capability of air ride suspension on the rear of your truck, we would suggest one of our optional, mechanical self-leveling air control systems. The available SLKD2WD Self-Leveling Air Control System will provide you with an onboard air compressor, air tank, mechanical height control valves, dump valves, an air dryer, and an in-cab control panel. With this control system, your truck can automatically adjust to the weight of whatever is in the bed or on your trailer. Just hook your truck up to your trailer and it will squat before pulling air from the air tank to return to the 5-6″ ‘ride height’! At the push of a button, the kit can lower to approximately a 1″ lift kit to make it easier for you to get in the bed of the truck, or hook up to your trailers. You can simply run your trailer jack down, drop the air bags, pull out from underneath the trailer, and re-inflate back to ‘ride height’ at the push of a button. If you want the best of the best on your truck, you’ll want our 5-6″ 4-Link Front Air Suspension Lift kit too. You can then upgrade to one of our electronic air control systems that will allow you to raise/lower the truck at all four corners to make your truck even more versatile. Don’t change your truck because of a rough ride…change your suspension! Upgrade to air ride with the Kelderman 5-6″ lift kit today!