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No leaf springs, no problem. Let Kelderman’s 6-8″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension Lift Kit take the bouncing out of your ride and the squatting suspension out of towing.

2011-2015 GM 2500/3500 4X4 6-8″ REAR AIR SUSPENSION

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Lifting your truck shouldn’t mean that it has to be any less of a truck. You don’t want to roll around with a stock truck, but you still have trailers that you need to haul. You want to go camping on weekends, boating in the summer, snowmobiling in the winter. Whatever your hobbies are or whatever trailers you use your truck to pull, make sure the suspension is up to the job. Our Kelderman 6-8″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension Lift Kit provides the best ride quality and towing available for stock trucks and lifted trucks. This kit takes your leaf spring suspension and just throws it away. Air suspension is able to provide you with the ride quality and towing that you have always wanted from your lifted truck. Our kit includes trailing arm mounts, adjustable trailing arms, airbags, upper and lower air bag mounting plates, axle clamps, rear crossmember, adjustable panhard bar, upgraded rear sway bar, and sway bar end links. Shock and air control systems are sold separately. Add one of our self-leveling air control systems to this suspension to make it a fully self-leveling suspension. Our optional SLKD2WD Air Control System will give you an onboard air compressor, tank, height control valves, dump valves, pressure switch, air dryer, fittings, air line, etc. to make your truck’s rear air suspension automatically adjust to weight. Just hook onto your trailer and the mechanical height control valves pull air from the onboard air tank to return the suspension back to its 6-8″ ‘ride height’. Air control packages also allow you to air up a tire in case of emergency or provide air for an onboard air horn setup! It will also allow you to lower the truck to approximately a 2″ lift to make hooking up to trailers a breeze. Air suspension lift kits are NOT available for the front suspension on 2011+ GM trucks due to the independent front suspension design.