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2011-2016 FORD F-250/350 4X4 4-6″ FRONT AIR SUSPENSION

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Not willing to accept the factory look of your Super Duty pickup? Do you still need to actually use it as a truck for towing and hauling? Kelderman has developed the answer with a 4-6″ Air Suspension Lift Kit for 2011+ Super Duty trucks. By removing the front coil springs, the Kelderman 4-6″ lift kit places an industrial strength air bag in the factory spring bucket to have your truck ride on air! This system is designed to save the factory radius arms on your Super Duty, but does contain upper and lower air bag plates, air bags, a track bar drop, dual steering stabilizer bracket, radius arm drop brackets, pitman arm and extended brake lines. With optional air controls, the Kelderman 4-6″ kit can drop from 4-6″ at ride height down to a 1″ lift to make it easy to climb in and out of or even fit in a smaller garage door and other low clearance situations. Fully inflated, this 4-6″ kit becomes a 9″ lift…that’s taking your truck from nearly stock height to a 9″ lift in seconds! Turn your Super Duty into the best riding, lifted truck around with this Kelderman 4-6″ lift kit. Call 1.800.334.6150 or your nearest dealer for more information.