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2013-2018 RAM 3500 P/U 4X4 5-6″ REAR AIR SUSPENSION

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The Kelderman 5-6″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension Lift Kit is designed to work with trucks equipped with a radius arm front suspension design and either the leaf spring rear suspension or factory rear air suspension. This kit will remove the existing factory suspension in favor of a complete air suspension setup. This kit includes upper and lower air bag mounting plates, industrial strength air bags, lower axle clamps, trailing arm mounts, adjustable trailing arms, upgraded rear sway bar, sway bar end links, adjustable panhard bar, and crossmember. Just because you want a lifted truck doesn’t mean you should have to settle for a lifted truck ride or a decreased towing capacity. Get the best ride quality possible from a lifted truck and actually INCREASE your towing ability. With the help of one of our optional air control systems, your truck can automatically adjust to the weight of items in the pickup bed or on a trailer. The truck will squat just like a normal leaf spring suspension, but will then add more air to the bags in order to return to the designed 5-6″ ride height! Tow all your trailers without pointing your headlights up in the sky. The 5-6″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension Lift Kit is a great option to improve the ride & towing on an already lifted truck, but you can also pair it with our 5-6″ Front Air Suspension Lift Kit to make your Ram ride on air suspension all the way around. With the optional Air Lift 3H Air Control System, your truck can lower to a 1″ lift to make it much easier for you and your passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. This is also an excellent way to help you fit a lifted truck in your garage. The 5-6″ lift kit can also inflate to approximately a 9″ lift when fully inflated. Designed for 35-37″ tires, the Kelderman 5-6″ Air Suspension Lift Kit is the perfect way to lift your truck without sacrificing ride quality or the truck’s capabilities.