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Looking for a big lift for your Ford without feeling all the big bumps in the road? Kelderman lift kits are full air suspension kits for the best ride quality to go with adjustable heights.

2017-2022 FORD F-250/350 4X4 10-12″ FRONT AIR SUSPENSION

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This MASSIVE, 10-12″, full air suspension lift kit for the re-designed 2017 Ford Super Duty is now available for Ford F-250 and F-350 pickup trucks. The Kelderman 10-12″ 4-Link Front Air Suspension Lift Kit will include upper and lower airbag mounting brackets, industrial-strength airbags, drop pitman arm, sway bar drop brackets, upgraded front sway bar, dual steering stabilizer bracket, adjustable track bar, track bar mount, track bar drop bracket, shock mounts, brake lines, front cross member, adjustable trailing arms, and an indexing ring assembly. Shocks and air control packages sold separately. This lift kit has a designed 10-12″ ride height where the vehicle will be driven down the road. When equipped with one of our optional air control systems, the truck can be deflated to approximately a 6″ lift for easier entry, parking in a garage, loading items into the truck bed, etc. Riding at the 10-12″ lift kit provides your Super Duty with a comfortable ride quality that is only possible with air suspension. Want to show off while at a show on the weekend or at the stoplight? The Kelderman 10-12″ 4-Link Air Suspension Lift Kit can be fully inflated to a massive 16″ lift kit! With air suspension on your Ford, you will no longer have to worry about squatting under a heavy trailer. With one of our optional air control packages, your suspension can automatically inflate or deflate, as needed, to maintain the 10-12″ ride height. Designed to clear 40″ tires with ease, this is the most comfortable and capable lift kit on the market! Shock and air control systems sold separately. Optional powder coat finishes shown.