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2019+ RAM 2500/3500 4X4 10-12″ FRONT AIR SUSPENSION

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With all the technology in your Ram, why settle for a traditional lift kit? Kelderman offers the most comfortable, most versatile lift kit for the 2019 Ram trucks. Our 10-12″ 4-Link Air Suspension gives you room for 40-42″ tires and an aggressive wheel offset. 24’s and 40’s? No problem. 26’s and 40’s? WHY NOT?!

You bought the truck to drive it, so don’t lift it and bounce all over the cab with coil springs, spacers, and whatever else you’ve used in the past. Get a comfortable lift by RIDING ON AIR! And you got a truck for a reason, so you still want to use it as a truck, right? Optional self-leveling air control systems allow you to hook up to your trailers, load items into the pickup bed, etc. and the suspension will AUTOMATICALLY inflate so the truck does not squat under a load. No more worrying about a 10″ front lift kit and a 14″ rear lift kit to make sure your headlights aren’t pointed in the clouds as soon as you hook up to a trailer.

Semi-trucks, trailers, and all kinds of heavy-duty equipment ACTUALLY use air ride suspension. We use the same style of industrial airbags to provide you with the most capable lift kit on the market. Speaking of capability, the Kelderman 10-12″
lift kit can even deflate down to about 4-5″ lift kit with no air in the bags. With the optional Air Lift 3H Air Control System, your truck can drop down lower at the push of a button. This allows you to get passengers in & out of the truck more easily, save time hooking up to trailers, and not have to reach up higher inside the bed or cab of the truck for items. The system can also be inflated ABOVE the 10-12″ ride height setting to a massive 17″ lift kit. While you’re parked, at a truck show, or hanging at the lake for a weekend, you can let your truck be lifted, lowered, or anywhere in between. Jump in the truck and return it to the 10-12″ ride height setting for a smooth ride where all of the airbags and shocks have the proper amount of travel, proper steering alignment, etc.

Take your new Ram to new heights with the help of a Kelderman air suspension lift kit!