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2019+ RAM 2500/3500 4X4 5-6″ FRONT AIR SUSPENSION

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The Kelderman 5-6″ Air Suspension Lift Kit is available for 2019 & newer Ram 2500 trucks equipped with factory coil spring suspension OR the factory air suspension equipped trucks. Our 5-6″ system raises the height of your Ram truck by 5-6″ at ride height and still has the ability to go from a 1″ lift to a 10″ lift with just the push of a button. The truck’s best ride comes at the preset ride height of a 5-6″ lift. With optional self-leveling air controls, your Ram truck will automatically adjust to any sort of weight added to it any never ‘squat’ under the weight. With this 5-6″ lift, it’s perfect to give you a much better look than the factory rake of your truck, but not too high to lose the ability to drive it daily. Perfect for 37″ tires, this kit provides a ride comfort that no other conventional lift kit on the market can even match. The adjustability of air suspension lets you do things that you normally couldn’t do with a lifted truck. When using one of our optional air control systems, you can lower the truck down to approximately a 1″ lift to park it comfortably inside a garage. Once you back the truck out, re-inflate the truck to the designed 5-6″ ‘ride height’ to travel down the road. This makes it easier for you and others to get in and out of the truck, as well as loading items in the truck bed, or hooking up to trailers! The 5-6″ front lift kit includes heavy-duty, industrial-strength airbags, upper and lower bag plates, pan hard bar drop brackets, radius arm drop crossmember, and shock brackets. Shocks and air controls sold separately. Give your truck the ride you’ve been searching for with the lifted look you’ve been dreaming about with the help of Kelderman 5-6″ Air Suspension setup. There’s no need to lose your smooth ride just because you want to lift your Ram. Get the height and ride you deserve with the Kelderman 5-6″ Air Suspension Lift Kit.