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Lift kits for the 2023+ F-250, F-350, and F-450 pickups are now available!

2023+ FORD F-250/350/450 4X4 PICKUP 5-6″ LIFT KIT

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Introducing the all-new Kelderman 5-6″ Lift Kit for the 2023 Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450 4X4 Pickup Trucks. This kit gives the all-new Super Duty the smooth ride, towing ability, and adjustable height that Kelderman has delivered to the lift kit market for 20+ years. This listing is for a combined front and rear air suspension lift kit. Front-only or rear-only systems are also available. This kit will have a designed ride height of a 5-6″ lift for traveling down the road. It is adjustable down to an approximate 1″ lift when deflated and up to an approximate 9″ lift when fully inflated. 37″ tires are recommended. This kit will work on trucks featuring the factory onboard scale option.

5-6″ Front Lift Kit

(Part # 10015956, F-250/F-350)

(Part # 10015332, F-450)

The front air suspension lift kit removes the OEM coil spring suspension and replaces it with upper and lower airbag mounts, a track bar drop bracket, and industrial-strength airbags. Kelderman 2.0 custom-valved shock packages are available for the best shock option. Shocks are designed and valved specifically for use with our air suspension setups. The front air suspension provides an improved ride quality, as well as a higher capacity than the OEM coil springs or any combination of coil springs, coil spring spacers, etc. You won’t have to worry about the front suspension sagging under the weight of your aftermarket bumper or any other weight on the front suspension with the air ride installed.

Dual Steering Stabilizer Assembly

(Part # 10015292, F-250/F-350)

(Part # 10015862, F-450)

A Kelderman dual-steering stabilizer bracket is also available for these trucks to improve the steering feel and eliminate any feedback through the steering wheel. This bracket is the ultimate solution for improving steering, improving stability, and preventing the infamous Ford ‘death wobble’. It works by providing additional support to the steering system, helping to reduce the impact of bumps, potholes, and other road hazards. With this installed, you will experience smooth, more responsive steering and increased control over your truck.

Fabricated Radius Arm Upgrade

(Part # 10015144, F-250/F-350,F-450)

Made with high-quality materials and precise engineering, the Kelderman fabricated radius arm upgrade is included as part of the 5-6″ Air Suspension Lift Kit. These radius arms feature an improved appearance over the factory arms, as well as adjustable caster bolts to aid in front-end alignment. They provide you with an excellent place for accent colors for a unique touch on your suspension.

5-6″ Rear Lift Kit

(Part # 10015243, 3.5″ Rear Axle)

(Part # 10015242, 4.0″ Rear Axle

(Part # 10015191, 4.5″ Rear Axle)

The rear air suspension system utilizes a 4-Link design for superior stability and control while towing, as well as a more comfortable ride. With the optional air control systems, it is fully adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the suspension to your specific needs. The four-link design distributes the load evenly, reducing the stress on the suspension and improving overall

This 5-6″ Air Suspension Lift Kit provides an unbeatable combination of performance, comfort, and capability. Whether you’re hauling a heavy load or cruising down the highway, a Kelderman Air Suspension System can help you get the job done with ease. Upgrade your 2023+ Super Duty and experience the difference for yourself.

NOTE: The base price includes the 5-6″ Front Air Suspension, fabricated radius arm upgrade, and the 5-6″ 4-Link Rear Air Suspension. Air control systems, shock packages, and other options are add-ons to the lift kit package. Front-only and rear-only air suspension systems are also available.

Optional Air Control Systems:

The base version of these front and rear air suspension systems will be in a ‘manual fill’ package. This provides you with the necessary amount of air line, fittings, and Schrader valves to inflate and deflate the suspension like you would a tire. Several air control systems are available, so let’s go through some popular options.

Air Lift 3H Electronic Air Control System (Part # ESLK3H2)

Are you looking for maximum control over your air suspension? In addition to its self-leveling abilities, this electronic air control system allows you to manually adjust the suspension at all four corners. The in-cab remote has the capability for five preset positions and manual control over the entire suspension system. Dual VIAIR air compressors and dual 3-gallon air tanks provide the air supply necessary to raise & lower the truck. The 3H system also has Bluetooth connectivity and lets you see the in-cab control screen right on your phone. You can wirelessly connect to the truck suspension and control everything with the touch of a button, inside or outside of the truck. Using the remote or app, you can drop the suspension from the 5-6″ ride height setting down to a 1″ lift or raise it up to a 9″ lift when fully inflated. This makes it easier for you to enter or exit the truck, park in a low-clearance garage, go through your favorite car wash/drive-thru, and make hooking up to your trailers a breeze!

With great functionality also comes great reliability. This air control system features a combination of parts that Kelderman has trusted for years in a variety of air suspension applications. Military-grade ride height sensors provide feedback to the control system in order to maintain the proper ride height for correct suspension travel, load leveling, and optimum ride quality. The onboard air dryer removes moisture from the system and is operated with its own in-cab purge button. Purging moisture from the control system periodically will prevent damage to the components and keep you functioning in cold weather. The 3H Air Control System features a steel compressor box enclosure to house the air compressors and a number of other electronic components in a weather-resistant area to protect it from road debris and weather, and to reduce overall noise. This is the most common air control choice for our lift kit applications.