2021 Dodge Ram TRX 6.2 Supercharged

2021 TRX came to us right off the truck from Abilene TX. The client had waited patiently for months for this to arrive. There are loads of goodies that were were able to pack in this build. Starting off with an Escort MaxCi 360. When you have a 6.2 Supercharged motor last thing you need is cops bothering you. This radar was seamlessly integrated throughout the front grill and rear license plate. Pieces were custom made and easily accessible for future maintenance if needed. Next was the lighting to take this build to the next level. We used over 20 Red Stinger pod lights strategically placed to give maximum effect. The Calipers were removed and painted red to give it that pop. Next was the audio system from the mastermind Tim Mulvihill and fabricator Cutter Leipply. These two together bring together style, luxury, and form. The TREX can be felt due to the 3 Kevlar 10” subs with each one having over 1,000 watts. The custom fab sub box Mr. Leipply created hits you in the chest. Mr. Mulvihill took the ideas of non used storage pockets and made them one off acrylic displays. He continued his madness to the RamBars that were left bare from the dealership. Now they are eye catching red fixtures that glow in the night. Next up was Parker Jeter to work his magic on the TREX claws. It was equipped with 22” Fuel Assaults and 35” Tires. Finally, it was tinted 30% front windows and 5% everywhere remaining.

Modification List:

  • Escort MaxCi 360
  • Rock LED Lighting
  • Underbody LED 4 color lighting
  • RamBars Lighting
  • Calipers painted red
  • 3 Kevlar 10” subs each one having over 1,000 watts
  • 22” Fuel Assaults and 35” Tires
  • tinted 30% front windows and 5% everywhere remaining List